If you've had customers, then your customers had a journey.

And we believe that journey should be one that you designed intentionally, and strategically. 

One that consistently produces the experience they want, and results you want.

The Lifecycle Marketing framework is how you can design and build  that journey.

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This isn't a gimmick - or a silver bullet, it's a methodology that takes the things that are already happening in your business and helps you organize and prioritize them.

Over and over we've seen it turn chaos into calm.

We've seen it work in businesses of different shapes and sizes, across industries, and around the world.

And now we've packaged it up into this free course.


How does it work?

There are nine individual stages that will help you assess your current reality, and then organize, design, and optimize the experience you are creating for your leads, prospects, and customers.

This isn't a new project for you to add to your existing to-do list, it's a way to simplify and prioritize the work you're already doing; so that you can confidently make decisions that lead your business forward.


The Lifecycle Marketing framework is a compass.
Know where you want to go? Use this to plot the path that takes you there.

Let's Do This
Mike Hilton

“This is electrifying. I am amped to start jamming on my own business, and then go into my clients businesses and help them with this too.

Entrepreneurs from everywhere are going to flock to this. It IS irrefutable. This is the things we all know we should be doing, and we all know we’re falling down on. But, we’re humans - we need to pick ourselves up and keep moving forward. This is awesome.”

Mike Hilton, Smart Growth Consulting

What's the catch?

It's this: Lifecycle Marketing isn't really sexy.

It isn't flashy. There's no whiz bang, or razzle dazzle.

Lifecycle Marketing is calm, organized, and predictable.

It's not a sneaky shortcut - it's a proven framework. And it's not sexy - it's just true.

But I dunno, maybe - just maybe, the idea of a calm, organized business is kind of appealing. Maybe steady, predictable growth is what you're after.

And if it is, then Lifecycle Marketing might be the answer.

I'm Ready